How do I get started with writing a will?

Writing a will is easier than we think.


There are 3 main steps to writing a will:

  1. Naming the people/organisations who will inherit your assets
  2. Naming the person who will execute your will
  3. Distributing your assets either as a percentage of your estate, or as specific gifts

If you have children (or even pets), assigning guardians for them will be the 4th main step.

Goodwill guides you through all the steps so you don’t have to think through them individually.

Read this short guide on will writing to get the basics.

This article was last edited on May 04, 2020

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Goodwill provides comprehensive legacy planning for communities across Singapore. Death is a universal and sure thing, but planning for what happens to our loved ones after we’re gone is an opaque, fragmented, and expensive process. Goodwill gathers all the revelant information about you and clearly sets out your wishes, in a comprehensive legal will.